The Debt Ceiling and Ohio Politics

This week, WOSU Public Media’s “Columbus on the Record” panelists discuss how the national debt ceiling discussion has seeped into Ohio politics.

Also this week: Ohioans will vote this November on whether to repeal part of federal healthcare law; ballot language on Ohio Senate Bill 5 will be decided soon; and Central Ohio’s recent unemployment numbers are not good.


  • William Hershey (Dayton Daily News)
  • Karen Kasler (Ohio Public Radio and TV)
  • Terry Casey (Republican Strategist)
  • Sam Gresham (Common Cause Ohio)

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Segments On This Episode (on YouTube)

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Ohio Politicians Offer Their Take on the Debt Ceiling

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Local Recriminations From the Debt Ceiling Debate

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Ohio's Unemployment Rate Goes Up

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Ohio Gets to Vote on Health Care

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Columbus on the Record Panelists Offer Their Final Thoughts

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