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Ohio as a GOP Presidential Battleground

Panelists discuss state data that show eight in 10 unionized government workers in Ohio would pay more toward their health insurance premiums if voters retain the collective bargaining law

The Debt Ceiling and Ohio Politics

This week, WOSU Public Media’s “Columbus on the Record” panelists discuss how the national debt ceiling discussion has seeped into Ohio politics.

Poll: Majority of Ohioans Oppose Senate Bill 5

This week Columbus on the Record panelists discuss the latest polling numbers that show the majority of Ohioans don’t like Senate Bill 5, the bill that limits collective bargaining. 54% say that SB 5 should be repealed.

Controversial Bill to Require Photo ID to Vote

Also on the program: a new poll shows that many Ohioans disapprove of Gov. Kasich as well as his planned collective bargaining overhaul.

The Uncivilized State of American Politics

This special broadcast looks at how campaigns are being run in Washington and Columbus and the disappearing civility reflected in political campaign ads and news coverage.

Sharp Right Turn: Ohio Republicans’ Top Legislative Priorities

Since regaining the house, Republican push to set new, conservative agenda and what it means for Ohio.

Disappearing Civility in American Politics

As disappearing civility is reflected in political campaign ads and news coverage, how negative is too negative?

Ohio’s Current Political Landscape

Republicans consider a ban on earmarks, Senate candidates line up to challenge Sherrod Brown in 2012 and a Columbus City Council member leaves early.

Spotlight On Ted Strickland

Ted Strickland’s decision to stop the execution of convicted murderer praised, while the governors 2010 election campaign ads are criticized.

2010 Elections Update

This week on Columbus On The Record: 2010 Election updates.