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Rick Santorum ReturnsThe Sweater Vest To Ohio Spotlight

This week Mike Thompson and his panelists look at Rick Santorum’s surge to the lead in the Ohio GOP presidential primary race.

Ohio as a GOP Presidential Battleground

Panelists discuss state data that show eight in 10 unionized government workers in Ohio would pay more toward their health insurance premiums if voters retain the collective bargaining law

What’s Next in the Senate Bill Five Campaign

This week, WOSU Public Media’s “Columbus on the Record” panelists discuss what’s next in the Senate Bill Five campaign.

The Debt Ceiling and Ohio Politics

This week, WOSU Public Media’s “Columbus on the Record” panelists discuss how the national debt ceiling discussion has seeped into Ohio politics.

1,298,301 Signatures Collected In Favor Of Collective Bargaining

We Are Ohio, the group leading the Senate Bill 5 referendum effort, collected a million more signatures than the 231,000 required to have SB5 placed before voters this autumn.

Poll: Majority of Ohioans Oppose Senate Bill 5

This week Columbus on the Record panelists discuss the latest polling numbers that show the majority of Ohioans don’t like Senate Bill 5, the bill that limits collective bargaining. 54% say that SB 5 should be repealed.

Complete Analysis of Governor John Kasich’s Budget

This week Columbus on The Record panelists offer a complete analysis of Governor John Kasich’s budget and discuss local reactions.

Unions Protest at Ohio Statehouse

As union representatives protest at the Statehouse, some ask: are unions still necessary?

Analysis of Second Governor’s Debate

The second Governor’s debate and the US Senate race between Democrat, Lee Fisher and Republican challenger, Rob Portman.

Democrats Attempt To ‘Fire Up’ The Base

Updates and complete analysis of national and statewide election 2010 trends.