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Cramming Time for Columbus School Levy Vote

WOSU’s news director Mike Thompson and his panel discuss several issues including Tuesday’s vote on the Columbus School Levy; questionable oversight of state grants to private companies.

Former Governors Taft and Strickland On The State Of Politics

WOSU’s news director Mike Thompson discusses taxes, education reform and the current state of politics with former Ohio Governors Bob Taft and Ted Strickland.

Obama Tries To Maintain Hope

WOSU’s news director Mike Thompson and his panel provide an in-depth analysis of several topics including how Ohio views the Democratic National Convention.

Ohio Offers $400 Million to Lure Sears to the State

Panelists discuss how Ohio is holding out $400 million in incentives to lure Sears’ corporate headquarters away from Illinois to Ohio.

Call Him Ted Strickland, Consultant

Former Governor Ted Strickland has set up a new consulting firm and is joined by some of his top policy and political advisers.

Friday Round Up – Kasich-Strickland Recovery Stalls

The Ohio jobless rate declining streak ends and the NY Post headline writer’s favorite congressman resigns.

Ohio Senate Budget Cuts Lawmakers Pay, Restricts Abortion

This week Columbus on the Record panelists discuss the expected changes to the Ohio Senate budget, which would cut legislators’ pay and cut Governor’s John Kasich’s JobsOhio role.

Questions About Governor Kasich’s Budget Numbers

Opponents of Ohio’s new collective bargaining law have taken the first step in their fight to repeal its limits on public workers’ union rights

Sharp Right Turn: Ohio Republicans’ Top Legislative Priorities

Since regaining the house, Republican push to set new, conservative agenda and what it means for Ohio.

Columbus Casino Site: Sewer Service Controversy

A local casino site has its own water, but no place to flush it, red-light cameras proliferate in Columbus and Richard Cordray heads to Washington.