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Joyce Beatty’s Big Win, Mitt Romney’s Little Win

This week Mike Thompson and his panel look at what’s next in the GOP race for president now than Ohio Republicans have weighed in.

Super Tuesday Preview

This week Mike Thompson and his panel preview Tuesday’s Ohio Primary. Can Mitt Romney capture Ohio after winning Michigan? Can Rick Santorum extend the GOP nomination race?

Third District Democrats For Congress Square Off

This week Mike Thompson moderates a debate between the four Franklin County Democrats running for congress in the new 3rd district.

Rick Santorum ReturnsThe Sweater Vest To Ohio Spotlight

This week Mike Thompson and his panelists look at Rick Santorum’s surge to the lead in the Ohio GOP presidential primary race.

Confusion Reigns – Which District is Mary Jo Kilroy In?

It appears Mary Jo Kilroy will live right next door to the 3rd Congressional District but not actually within its boundaries.

Democrats Line Up For Chance At New Congressional Seat

This week, WOSU Public Media’s “Columbus on the Record” panelists discuss the crowded field of Democrats who want Central Ohio’s new congressional seat.