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A New Bailout Plan for the Blue Jackets

Panelists discuss a plan developed by Franklin County and Columbus leaders to keep the Blue Jackets, but it calls for the county and city to use gambling money to buy Nationwide Arena

Westside Columbus Casino Breaks Ground

This week Columbus on the record panelists discuss how Ohio GOP lawmakers are planning to make changes to Governor’s John Kasich’s education budget.

The Battle Between Unions and Statehouse Republicans

This week Columbus on The Record panelists discuss the battle between unions and statehouse republicans; John Kasich’s traffic ticket; a proposal to expand Ohio’s private school voucher program; and Gov. Kasich’s private jobs plan.

Columbus Casino Site: Sewer Service Controversy

A local casino site has its own water, but no place to flush it, red-light cameras proliferate in Columbus and Richard Cordray heads to Washington.

2010 Elections Heat Up: Ted Strickland vs John Kasich

Ted Strickland and John Kasich debate. Did it change the race for governor?

Back-gate Gate; Ohio Primary Preview

Assessing the political fallout from Back-gate Gate; and primary 2010 updates.