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Analysis of Second Governor’s Debate

The second Governor’s debate and the US Senate race between Democrat, Lee Fisher and Republican challenger, Rob Portman.

Topics: Livestock Care; Slots at the Tracks; Tobacco Money

This week on Columbus On The Record: The livestock care compromise; slots at the tracks; and using Tobacco Money. Election 2010 updates: Ted Strickland vs John Kasich; Ohio Senate candidates, Democrat, Lee Fisher, Republican, Rob Portman Panelists: Cathy Candisky, The Columbus Dispatch Karen Kasler, Ohio Public Radio / TV Greg Haas, Democratic Strategist Leah Sellers, [...]

School District Consolidation; Campaign 2010 Round-up

This week on Columbus On The Record:  Move to consolidate school districts easier said than done.  Ohio, Churches, tax exemption and politicking. Campaign 2010 Round-up:  Poll shows Strickland with slight lead.  Fisher with firm lead over Brunner. Panelists: Joe Hallett, The Columbus Dispatch Gil Price, The Columbus Call and Post Dale Butland, Democratic Strategist Bob Clegg, [...]

Lee Fisher: Ohio’s Economy Is Not Democrats Fault

An afternoon interview with Lee Fisher produced the following bullets: Fisher says he might not have run for the office if his friend George Voinovich was seeking reelection. Fisher says he is running for US Senate because he believes he could better help Ohio’s economy as a member of the Senate. Fisher, the state’s Development [...]

Touting Alternative Energy, Innovation

Starting his address out on positive notes, Governor Ted Strickland is touting companies in Ohio that are succeeding in developing alternative energy technologies and other innovations. Governor Ted Strickland specifically mentioned Columbus based Battelle and Net Jets. Strickland also gave credit to Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher who is Director of the Ohio Department of Development and potential candidate [...]

Senator George Voinovich To Retire

US Senator George Voinovich announced this week that he will retire at the end of his term.  No big surprise there.   Voinovich is 72 years old, he’s been in politics for more than 40 years, and if he ran he’d face a very expensive and difficult campaign. At 72, which would you rather do, [...]