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Gay Marriage Helped Bush In ’04, Will It Help Mitt in ’12?

This week Mike Thompson and his panel look at the impact President Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage will have on the presidential race in Ohio.

Mitt Is It, Kasich Wins Control Of Ohio GOP

This week Mike Thompson and his panel look at what appears to be the start of the general election contest between Mitt Romney and President Obama.

2012 Congressional Map Set

The end of the congressional redistricting battle, Ohio’s elevated importance in the GOP presidential nomination race and the proposed “cooling tower” sculpture for downtown Columbus.

Keeping Score and Fact Checking Issue 2 Ads

WOSU Public Media’s “Columbus on the Record” panelists discuss the latest Issue 2 ads (pro and anti SB5), and just how truthful they are.

Monday Round Up: New Job for Mr. Cordray, Kasich v. Ohio GOP

Richard Cordray gets tapped for plum assignment, John Kasich now ticking off Republicans, John Glenn – he can’t 90, can he?

The Last Word(s) – Columbus on the Record 6/17/11

The word cloud of every thing that was said on last week’s Columbus on the Record.

One Ohio Casino Deal is Finalized With Slots

This week Columbus on the Record panelists discuss the casino agreement, which includes legalized racetrack slot machines and a bigger slice of the profit pie for Ohio.

Collective Bargaining Overhaul Becomes Law – For Now, At Least

Now that SB5 has been signed, what’s next in the fight over collective bargaining?

Governor Kasich To Privatize Ohio Dept. of Development

Ohio Governor John Kasich plans to privatize the State Department of Development and move Ohio’s government at the speed of business.

Columbus Casino Site: Sewer Service Controversy

A local casino site has its own water, but no place to flush it, red-light cameras proliferate in Columbus and Richard Cordray heads to Washington.