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Topics: Race Track, Indoor Smoking Ban, and Gun Regulation in Ohio

This week on Columbus On The Record:  The feud between Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner and over issues surrounding the groups funders. Controversial firings at the Bureau of Workers Compensation.  Religious discrimination may be underlying decision to fire entire staff. Also this week:  ODOT head pushes passenger rail.  Smoking Ban enforcement, and gun regulations. [...]

School District Consolidation; Campaign 2010 Round-up

This week on Columbus On The Record:  Move to consolidate school districts easier said than done.  Ohio, Churches, tax exemption and politicking. Campaign 2010 Round-up:  Poll shows Strickland with slight lead.  Fisher with firm lead over Brunner. Panelists: Joe Hallett, The Columbus Dispatch Gil Price, The Columbus Call and Post Dale Butland, Democratic Strategist Bob Clegg, [...]

Lee Fisher: Ohio’s Economy Is Not Democrats Fault

An afternoon interview with Lee Fisher produced the following bullets: Fisher says he might not have run for the office if his friend George Voinovich was seeking reelection. Fisher says he is running for US Senate because he believes he could better help Ohio’s economy as a member of the Senate. Fisher, the state’s Development [...]