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Ohio Offers $400 Million to Lure Sears to the State

Panelists discuss how Ohio is holding out $400 million in incentives to lure Sears’ corporate headquarters away from Illinois to Ohio.

2011 Statewide Ballot – Healthcare Mandate Issue Makes Cut

Ohio Voters will not only decide the future of Senate Bill 5, but they will decide whether Ohio should opt out of a crucial part of the federal healthcare law.

Ohio Public Employee Unions Fight for Survival

Ohio Public Employee Unions are fighting for survival. Are state employees overpaid?

COTR Panelists as Op-Ed Columnists

In the past week two Columbus on the Record panelists published Op-Ed columns in Ohio Newspapers.


Well, not really.  Mary Jo Kilroy just told WOSU’s Mandie Trimble that she will vote “YES” on the healthcare bill. Not a big surprise, but her timing did not work out for Columbus on the Record.  We taped at 3:30 and she announced at 4:40.

Healthcare & Passenger Rail Indecision

This week on Columbus On The Record:  Healthcare decision day nears, but where do Ohio lawmakers stand? A look at the protests in Washington and national sentiment about healthcare. ODOT responds to passenger rail skepticism.  Lawmakers remain undecided on funding. What movies should be shown in schools? Panelists: William Hershey, Dayton Daily News Karen Kasler, Ohio [...]

Proposed House Changes to the Senate Healthcare Bill

As promised, Mary Jo Kilroy and other House Democrats have posted to their websites a link to the House changes to the Senate healthcare bill. This is the bill the House would use to make changes to the Senate bill House members must pass first (or approve as part of some other legislative maneuver).   Confused?  [...]

The State of The State, Union Is…..

As a reporter covering State of the Union/ State / City addresses over the years I always waited for the line “THE STATE OF THE ________ IS STRONG AND GETTING STRONGER!  (Lawmakers wild applause!). We have not heard that line a few years. As Governor Strickland and President Obama give their annual addresses this week [...]