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John Kasich Makes Move In New Hampshire

WOSU News Director Mike Thompson and the Columbus on the Record panel discuss John Kasich’s rising poll numbers in New Hampshire, President Obama’s State of the Union address, prospects of medical marijuana in Ohio, and other topics.

Poll: Ohioans Still Don’t Know Senator Rob Portman

WOSU’s Mike Thompson and the Columbus on the Record panel look at Ted Strickland’s surprising strength in his US Senate bid and a proposal to eliminate permits and training for carrying hidden guns.

The Last Word(s) – Columbus on the Record 6/17/11

The word cloud of every thing that was said on last week’s Columbus on the Record.

One Ohio Casino Deal is Finalized With Slots

This week Columbus on the Record panelists discuss the casino agreement, which includes legalized racetrack slot machines and a bigger slice of the profit pie for Ohio.

The Pros and Cons of Using Tax Hikes to Balance Budgets

Ohio Democrats in Congress say the recent deal to avert a government shutdown could harm social welfare, housing and local police programs.

Unions Protest at Ohio Statehouse

As union representatives protest at the Statehouse, some ask: are unions still necessary?

Tax Dilemma Trickles Down to Ohio Legislature

President Barack Obama’s tax deal signals decision time for Ohio democrats over Ohio budget cuts. John Kasich hints at how he will balance the state budget.

Public Safety Director Fight Over; Guns Allowed In Bars

Headlines from Ohio Senate rulings and 2010 election updates.

Topics: Race Track, Indoor Smoking Ban, and Gun Regulation in Ohio

This week on Columbus On The Record:  The feud between Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner and over issues surrounding the groups funders. Controversial firings at the Bureau of Workers Compensation.  Religious discrimination may be underlying decision to fire entire staff. Also this week:  ODOT head pushes passenger rail.  Smoking Ban enforcement, and gun regulations. [...]