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Former Governors Taft and Strickland On The State Of Politics

WOSU’s news director Mike Thompson discusses taxes, education reform and the current state of politics with former Ohio Governors Bob Taft and Ted Strickland.

OK, The Election’s Over, Now What?

Campaign 2012 is giving way to Policy 2013. As this year’s political dust starts to settle, new dust will soon stir in Washington, at the Statehouse and at Columbus City Hall.

Ohio Public Employee Unions Fight for Survival

Ohio Public Employee Unions are fighting for survival. Are state employees overpaid?

Sharp Right Turn: Ohio Republicans’ Top Legislative Priorities

Since regaining the house, Republican push to set new, conservative agenda and what it means for Ohio.

Education Reform Threatened

Ted Strickland’s Education reform package threatened.

New Public School Funding Option – The “Conversion Levy”

Governor Ted Strickland proposes that school districts be allowed to ask voters to approve something he calls a “conversion levy.” Voters will need a little more clarification but here’s what it sounds like: It would be a permanent move to allow school districts to increase the percentage of their funds that come from local property taxes. [...]

New Accountability For School Districts

Governor Ted Strickland promises a way to make sure public school districts in Ohio are spending money properly: Districts will be reviewed annually. If the district repeatedly fails to meet state requirements, the state “will shut it down.”

State To Pick Up Most Of The Cost Of Public Education, Lengthen School Year

Governor Ted Strickland says he will boost the state’s share of public education to almost 60 percent as part of what he calls his “plan to build Ohio’s education system anew.” Key components: The plan will lower what taxpayers are expected to contribute to their local schools. Expansion of the school year by 20 days [...]