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The ‘Bain’ Of Mitt’s Existence

This week Mike Thompson and his panel look at Mitt Romney’s career as head of Bain Capital, the private equity firm credited with saving some companies and accused of gutting others.

The Politics of Envy

This week Mike Thompson and his panelists look at the attacks on Mitt Romney and explore the reasons why college has become so expensive and what can be done to make it more affordable.

Will Senate Bill 5 Survive The Referendum?

While a referendum of Senate Bill 5 looks like a certainty, backers of the measure have tried and failed to subdivide the bill for the upcoming election in an effort to keep parts of it.

Complete Analysis of Governor John Kasich’s Budget

This week Columbus on The Record panelists offer a complete analysis of Governor John Kasich’s budget and discuss local reactions.

Ohio Public Employee Unions Fight for Survival

Ohio Public Employee Unions are fighting for survival. Are state employees overpaid?

2010 Election Updates

John Kasich’s big lead narrows; polling disparities; early voter turnouts; and the impact of the Tea Party.

Democrats Attempt To ‘Fire Up’ The Base

Updates and complete analysis of national and statewide election 2010 trends.

Ohio’s Economic Future

This week on Columbus On The Record:  Panelists discuss job loss over the past decade and take an in-depth look at the policies and industries effecting Ohio’s economic future. Panelists: Darrel Rowland, The Columbus Dispatch Julie Carr Smyth, The Associated Press Terry Casey, Republican Strategist Sam Gresham, Common Cause Ohio

Ohio Primary Results Analysis

What’s next for the winners and losers of Ohio’s Primary?

Parking Meters and Casinos

Are parking meter rates an economic downer for downtown Columbus?