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Obama Leads In Ohio; More Trouble for Columbus Schools

Mike Thompson and his panel at President Obama’s rising poll numbers in Ohio and why another moderate is leaving Congress.

Rick Santorum ReturnsThe Sweater Vest To Ohio Spotlight

This week Mike Thompson and his panelists look at Rick Santorum’s surge to the lead in the Ohio GOP presidential primary race.

Talking Points Word Cloud – First Two Ohio Congressional Debates

We took transcripts of the past two debates between Congressional challengers Mary Jo Kilroy and Steve Stivers, and Zack Space and Bob Gibbs and put them into a word cloud (below).  As you can see, the debate centered on Jobs, Taxes, Spending, and Health.

Analysis of Second Governor’s Debate

The second Governor’s debate and the US Senate race between Democrat, Lee Fisher and Republican challenger, Rob Portman.

Interesting Prediction for US Senate Candidate

On this weekend’s Columbus on the Record (Friday, 9:30pm; Sunday 11:30 am) Democratic Strategist Jerry Austin has a very interesting thought on a Democrat who might run for George Voinovich’s US Senate seat….. It’s a person none of us had through of….. If I told you now, you wouldn’t watch… Columbus on the Record – [...]

Mary Jo Gets To Go

…to Congress thanks to her 2,300 vote victory over Republican Steve Stivers.  Mary Jo Kilroy will take over for Republican Deborah Pryce who is retiring and who beat Kilroy by about 1,000 votes in 2006. Steve Stivers, for the moment, is out of a job. He gave up his State Senate seat to run for [...]