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Democrats Line Up For Chance At New Congressional Seat

This week, WOSU Public Media’s “Columbus on the Record” panelists discuss the crowded field of Democrats who want Central Ohio’s new congressional seat.

Latest Poll Shows SB5 Heading Toward Repeal

Panelists discuss the latest Quinnipiac Poll, which shows that Ohio voters support 56 – 32 percent the repeal of SB 5.

A New Bailout Plan for the Blue Jackets

Panelists discuss a plan developed by Franklin County and Columbus leaders to keep the Blue Jackets, but it calls for the county and city to use gambling money to buy Nationwide Arena

The Fight Between John Kasich and Ohio Nursing Home Operators

This week Columbus on the Record panelists discuss Governor John Kasich verbal attacks aimed at Ohio’s nursing-home lobby.

John Kasich and Lehman Brothers

Governor Ted Strickland on the attack; campaign speech portrays John Kasich as congressman from Wallstreet.

“Blue Jackets Bailout” – A Different Take

On the December 11th episode of Columbus On The Record, we talked about the possibility of a “Blue Jackets Bailout.”  The city and county are trying to work out a deal, presumably with at least some public money, to help Columbus’s National Hockey League franchise remain financially viable and remain in Columbus. This viewer took [...]

Topics: Parking Meters; Casino Debate

This week on Columbus On The Record:  The great parking meter debate; Casino developments; Blue Jackets Dealmaker; State Budget negotiations; Mileage reimbursement for state lawmakers; developments in the 2010 campaign. Panelists: William Hershey, Dayton Daily News Darrel Rowland, Public Affairs Editor, The Columbus Dispatch Terry Casey, Republican Strategist Sandy Theis, Public Relations Consultant

Parking Meters and Casinos

Are parking meter rates an economic downer for downtown Columbus?

The Day After Election Day – When Tough Issues Surface

I’m not a cynic, really.  I’m a realist. Twenty-five years in journalism has taught me many things and one is that “planned” bad news (the non-fire variety) always breaks on Friday and in the hours immediately following election day.  Embattled officials tend to decide they “want to spend more time with their families” on Friday afternoons [...]