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Food for Thought – Agribusiness Debate @ WOSU

Tonight (Wednesday, 4/21) WOSU TV airs the controversial film Food, Inc., which takes a critical look at how we get our meat, grains, fruit and vegetables.  The picture painted by the Oscar-nominated film is not pretty and is not universally accepted as fact.  Farm organizations sharply disagree with the premise of the program. WOSU helps [...]

Senate President Harris Remains "Skeptical"

Alas, Senate President Bill Harris apparently did not emerge from his meeting with ODOT Director Jolene Molitoris wearing a conductor’s cap. The two met Wednesday afternoon and Molitoris presented Harris with answers to his questions about the Cincy to C-Bus to Cleveland passenger rail service plan.  ODOT’s answers defend ridership projections and maintain freight lines [...]

"Opting-out" of Ohio’s Constitution Is Not An Option

On most issues I understand arguments for and against.  But I’m having a hard time on an issue that’s come up recently:  Some elected officials and others argue that because Franklin County voted against the casino amendment, developers should not be allowed to build a casino in Columbus’s Arena District.  We’ve been hearing the argument [...]

Choosing Odd Over Even Paved Way for Casino Win

A  lot of things went right for casino supporters this year: competing gambling interests joined forces; the   support of unions and key local officials; a plan which offered casinos in several cities; the Ohio economy is in the dumps. But perhaps the biggest reason why casino supporters won this year after 4 previous defeats is they [...]

Good News! But Not Good Enough to Share

Tuesday was a big day for the city of Columbus and its Division of Police. How big? 12.7 million dollars big.  As part of the stimulus package the federal government handed out one billion in policing grants.  Columbus will receive $12.7 million to hire 50 police officers. The federal money will be enough to pay [...]

A "State Budget – Free" COTR? We’ll try.

For at least the past two months every episode of Columbus On The Record has featured a discussion about Ohio’s state budget crisis. Enough already. The budget has been resolved – for now. The cuts are in place. The fees raised. Public education reformed (according to Democrats). Slot machines, er.. video lottery terminals… are waiting to [...]

Budget Crisis Over?

Not quite. Governor Ted Strickland and legislative leaders this week will enact the state’s $54 Billion two-year state budget. It has three things: deep cuts, slot machines, a lack of new taxes. But there are serious doubts about whether the plan to put slot machines at the state’s 7 race tracks will pay off as [...]

Metaphor Season Begins – City Begins Campaign for Tax Hike

Well, the day we’ve all been waiting for has come. Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman and city officials officially announced they will ask city residents to raise the city’s income tax. The request means city voters will be asked to increase the income tax by 25% – to 2.5% of each worker’s income. The question will [...]

Lee Fisher: Ohio’s Economy Is Not Democrats Fault

An afternoon interview with Lee Fisher produced the following bullets: Fisher says he might not have run for the office if his friend George Voinovich was seeking reelection. Fisher says he is running for US Senate because he believes he could better help Ohio’s economy as a member of the Senate. Fisher, the state’s Development [...]

Touting Alternative Energy, Innovation

Starting his address out on positive notes, Governor Ted Strickland is touting companies in Ohio that are succeeding in developing alternative energy technologies and other innovations. Governor Ted Strickland specifically mentioned Columbus based Battelle and Net Jets. Strickland also gave credit to Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher who is Director of the Ohio Department of Development and potential candidate [...]