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Friday Round Up – Kasich-Strickland Recovery Stalls

The Ohio jobless rate declining streak ends and the NY Post headline writer’s favorite congressman resigns.

Red Tide Sweeps Ohio: Election Wrap Up

Ohio turns completely red. Watch for complete 2010 election results and analysis.

Talking Points Word Cloud – First Two Ohio Congressional Debates

We took transcripts of the past two debates between Congressional challengers Mary Jo Kilroy and Steve Stivers, and Zack Space and Bob Gibbs and put them into a word cloud (below).  As you can see, the debate centered on Jobs, Taxes, Spending, and Health.

Analysis of Second Governor’s Debate

The second Governor’s debate and the US Senate race between Democrat, Lee Fisher and Republican challenger, Rob Portman.

2010 Election Updates

John Kasich’s big lead narrows; polling disparities; early voter turnouts; and the impact of the Tea Party.

2010 Elections Heat Up: Ted Strickland vs John Kasich

Ted Strickland and John Kasich debate. Did it change the race for governor?

Democrats Attempt To ‘Fire Up’ The Base

Updates and complete analysis of national and statewide election 2010 trends.

Spotlight On Ted Strickland

Ted Strickland’s decision to stop the execution of convicted murderer praised, while the governors 2010 election campaign ads are criticized.

President Barack Obama Visits Ohio

The President stumps for democrats in Ohio, but can he help?

Gubernatorial Debates Set, But Will They Matter?

Ann Fisher discusses campaign finance, the gubernatorial debates, and gay marriage.