Stivers Supports Boehner Plan


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Rep. Steve Stivers (R), Columbus

Congressman Steve Stivers of Columbus is sticking with his speaker.  He tells WOSU’s Mandie Trimble he will vote for John Boehner’s plan to raise the debt ceiling and cut the deficit.  “It really does make the structural changes we need as well as cutting spending and making sure we don’t default on our debt. Those are the three pieces of the Boehner plan, and I think all three make sense to me,” said Stivers.

While the plan makes about $900 billion in spending cuts and extends the nation’s borrowing cap, it also requires another debt limit increase next year. And it does not call for any new tax revenue. Democrats struck down a similar measure, and the White House promises a veto.

Listen to Mandie’s interview with Rep. Stivers.

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