State To Pick Up Most Of The Cost Of Public Education, Lengthen School Year

Governor Ted Strickland says he will boost the state’s share of public education to almost 60 percent as part of what he calls his “plan to build Ohio’s education system anew.”

Key components:

  • The plan will lower what taxpayers are expected to contribute to their local schools.
  • Expansion of the school year by 20 days to an average of 200 days.
  • The state will also require universal all-day kindergarten and is scrapping the Ohio graduation test and replace it with the ACT college entrance test.

Still no word on how the state will pay for it.

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  • G Sink

    All day kindergarten is good for many, but some parents can do a better job and should be given the option to opt out.

    An additional 20 days may help but there is the problem of diminishing returns. A better approach would be to strengthen summer school offerings for students. Plus the extended year should certainly involve additional compensation for educators and administrators who already work long hours during the regular school year outside the classroom. Contrary to the stereotypical opinion, teachers now days often must spend evenings and weekends preparing lesson plans, grading papers, collaborating, and assessing students. Administrators have a round the clock job. That is fine if we elevate education to the level of other professionals such as doctors and lawyers rather than basically pay a starting teacher minimum wage.

  • John Williams

    Thank you for your help!

  • dui asheville lawyers

    Oh really this is some great achievement if implemented. But would it be more appropriate if we have to give focus also to the teaching enhancement of our educators? We are all concerned on the students’ educational benefits, but we often neglect that there are some (inefficient) teachers who needs training or refresher courses again. No offense meant, but aside from many of our competent educators, there are yet a few who ought to go back to school again.