SPECIAL – Central Ohio’s Transportation Future

Columbus on the Record – SPECIAL WOSU’s news director Mike Thompson and his panel discuss Central Ohio’s transportation needs now and in the future.


    • Doug Buchannan (Business First)
    • Rick Rouan (The Columbus Dispatch)
    • Kerstin Carr (Mid Ohio Planning Commission)
    • Jim Oppermann (Former Airline Executive)


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  • GuyJaneo Ista Rodeo Dale-Taylo

    Columbus on the Record; I think that politics drives high speed and light rail issues sour for the public living in Central Ohio. Especially republican politics within in our central government here in Ohio. Why? Is it Cleveland and Cincinnati have these forms of transit; Cleveland Rapid even Cincinnati started light rail for their central city area. As mentioned on todays show Columbus, Ohio the largest fastest growing city in the U.S and WITHOUT any form of high speed and light rail. I really would have respected a candor response about why we still don’t have Transit Rail from your guests. ColumbusUnderground has reported that this topic of transit rail is certainly a win win for Central Ohio. With all the previous facts about traffic and growth with in the Central Ohio area especially Columbus, OH. Tell Governor Kasic transit rail isn’t dead in the communities of central Ohio and Ohioans desire this method of transit. By the way COTA was formed by the City, County and State government (“local governments”) after obtaining a failing bus transit system “Columbus Transit Company”. So Cota has more lead way than what most of you’re guest were reporting about. Mayor Coleman, Governor Strickland are all for this plan of Amtrak & light rail. I think I can also speak for most of the people who live in Columbus and surrounding areas that I’ve came in contact about this topic, think High speed rail & light rail would be FABULOUS! We can do without all the political scare tactics rendering from Governor Kasic’s office regarding safety, cost and debt which is absolutely ridiculous and he should be honest about a decreased funding issue from an profitable Ohio Oil company if he were to peruse this initiative! This topic brings jobs jobs jobs and money for more jobs. PERIOD! I’m tired of the lies!!!