Similar Names, Different Politics

Life of Brian

Photo: Monty Python

The PFJ plots against the Romans.

Monty Python fans know the scene.  In Life of Brian the reluctantly messianic Brian asks if a small group is the Judean Peoples Front.  John Cleese scornfully corrects him, “Bug Off! Judean Peoples Front, hah. We’re the Peoples Front of Judea!”

Monty Python would have a field day with the crop of political groups sprouting in Ohio on differing sides of controversial issues.  There’s One Ohio Now – they want higher taxes, mainly on the rich, to balance the budget.  One Ohio Now is not to be confused with One Ohio United (no website yet) which wants deeper cuts and lower taxes.

The union-backed group We Are Ohio opposes Senate Bill #5 – which severely limits collective bargaining power of public employees.  It’s not to be confused with Stand Up for Ohio, another pro-union, anti-Senate Bill #5 group founded by the Communications Workers of America.  Ohio Public Radio’s Bill Cohen tried to sort it all out in a piece this week.

And then there is Fix Ohio Now – the effort backed by John Kasich aimed at eliminating government waste and over-regulation.

In the spirit of  unity let’s combine the groups : We Are Standing United as One to Fix Ohio Now.


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