Sherrod Brown Goes Positive, Democrats Rejoice

Perhaps it’s the Olympic spirit, perhaps it’s laying the ground work for the fall campaign, but Sherrod Brown is running his first positive ad.   The ad, running during the Olympics, touts Brown’s support of the government bailout of GM and Chrysler by putting Brown in a new car sitting in a dealer showroom.

Democrats supporting Brown could not be happier.

“It”s about time!,” said one.  Another Democratic volunteer who worked a phone bank last weekend said many of the people she called were thrilled by the new ad with some saying, “I didn’t know he did those things.”

Brown took some criticism for his go-negative-first strategy against Republican challenger Josh Mandel.  Democrats feared Brown would suffer the same fate as Ted Strickland who lost to John Kasich after going negative early.

From a production standpoint, the ad is nothing special. Brown shows off in a new modest Chevy in a shiny showroom and points out which parts were manufactured in Ohio.  He even kicks the tires, er, aluminum wheels. (The Plain Dealer discovered the wheels were not aluminum and were not made in Cleveland, as Brown touts.)   The spot makes Ohio’s senior US Senator look a little like a car salesman, but it tells the story Democrats have been pleading Brown to tell.




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