Senate President Harris Remains "Skeptical"

Alas, Senate President Bill Harris apparently did not emerge from his meeting with ODOT Director Jolene Molitoris wearing a conductor’s cap.

The two met Wednesday afternoon and Molitoris presented Harris with answers to his questions about the Cincy to C-Bus to Cleveland passenger rail service plan.  ODOT’s answers defend ridership projections and maintain freight lines are willing to share the rails.  ODOT’s reply also rejects complaints that the schedule is inconvenient for in-state travelers saying it allows business travelers to be home for dinner.  The memo also predicts many families will want to spend the night in one of Ohio’s big cities and visit their many attractions.

But ODOT says some questions cannot be answered right now and thus it’s asking Harris to support using $25 million of the $400 million federal grant to complete preliminary studies into the rail plan.

Through a spokesperson, Senate President Harris promised to read the responses carefully, but he remains “skeptical” of the plan.

- Mike Thompson

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