Collective Bargaining Overhaul Becomes Law – For Now, At Least

This week Columbus on The Record panelists discuss the newly-signed Senate Bill 5 (SB5); what’s next in the fight over collective bargaining; the possibility that school districts will face cuts in state aid; and efforts to consolidate local governments.

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  • Joe Hallett (The Columbus Dispatch)
  • Karen Kasler (Ohio Public Radio/TV)
  • Michael Daniels (Outlook Media)
  • Gene Krebs (Greater Ohio Policy Center)

Segments On This Episode (on YouTube)

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Ohio State Bill 5 Becomes Law, and the Debate Gets Hotter

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Ohio Senate Bill 5 Faces a Fall 2011 Referendum

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Ohio Schools Get the Bad Budget News

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What the State Budget Cuts Mean to Ohio Local Governments

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Predictions and Other Thoughts from the Panelists

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