Obama, Brown Lead in Poll

Day two of the Quinnipiac poll numbers:  If the election today were held today, US Senator Sherrod Brown would win another term, and President Barack Obama would win Ohio’s 18 electoral votes.

The Quinnipiac survey shows Brown leading GOP challengers Josh Mandel 49% – 34%  and Kevin Coughlin 50% – 32%.

President Obama leads Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney by 4 points, 45% – 41% .  He leads Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry and Sarah Palin by 12-15%.

Quinnipiac’s assistant director of polling, Peter Brown says,   “Ohio voters may not be wild about President Barack Obama, but at this point they appear to like his potential Republican challengers less, and in some cases a lot less.”

Not asked by the survey, but 100%  of Ohioans agree: there is still 16 months until the 2012 election.


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