Morning Round-Up – Sen. Restores Some School Cuts, NCAA on Campus

Good Morning.

The top “non-Tressel” news is at the statehouse. Republican senators who got an earful from constituents in affluent suburban school districts lessened the pain to those districts a bit. The House and Governor Kasich faced criticism for deep cuts to  local school districts – in particular wealthy suburban ones which are key areas for support for Republican lawmakers.

The new Senate proposal does not directly restore the cuts but rewards the highest performing school districts with performance bonuses. The end result is the same – wealthy districts tend to be high performing so they get the cash. COTR panelist Jim Siegel summarizes the plan in The Dispatch.

Reggie Fields of The Plain Dealer reports the man who was to head the Ohio Turnpike may have violated state ethics rules. The story reports David Regula applied for the Turnpike Director job while he was on the Turnpike Commission. That’s a no-no. Remember COTA tried it a few years ago. Didn’t work out.

The campaigns for and against Senate Bill 5 are taking shape. The PD and Dispatch report John Kasich and top Republicans will not shy away from campaigning for the controversial public employee collective bargaining limits.

And of course the OSU Tats-for Gold pants story continues. OSU has invited NCAA investigators on to campus. The Athletics Department headquarters has stepped up security. (The elevators are not open to the public as they normally are.) USA today has compiled a pretty good experts FAQ on the story and fallout.  It includes a suggestion that Jim Tressel challenge Sherrod Brown for US Senate.

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