Monday Round Up: New Job for Mr. Cordray, Kasich v. Ohio GOP



Richard Cordray

Mr. Cordray Moves Up

Richard Cordray was supposed to win re-election as Ohio’s Attorney General and then be the John Kasich challenger-in-waiting.   Of course he got caught by the GOP wave and was denied an elected executive position.  It looks like he has landed squarely on his feet.   President Obama today will name Cordray  as the top dog at the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Cordray was already named to serve as director of enforcement for the bureau, but the president promoted him to avoid a tough confirmation battle over Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren who helped establish the agency.  The Grove City native and former Franklin County Treasurer still faces a tough confirmation fight from Republicans who are not too keen on the agency’s role and power.

Kasich, GOP in Spat

We know John Kasich has annoyed Democrats, but he’s annoying Ohio Republicans as well.  Last week Kasich vetoed the GOP-backed Lake Erie siphoning bill.  Kasich said the bill needs some work to satisfy the concerns of other Great Lakes states.  Republican State Rep. Lynn Wachtmann told The Dispatch Kasich, “Screw(ed) the business community (to) look popular.”
Now Kasich is letting a “scheduling conflict” keep him from the Ohio Republican Party’s annual dinner.  The Dispatch’s Joe’s Hallett and Vardon report the “scheduling conflict” is symptom of an ongoing conflict between the governor and Ohio GOP head Kevin DeWine.

Drunk Driving +Stripper + Viagra  =  Resignation

Rep. Robert Mecklenberg has quit, much to the relief of GOP leadership on Capital Square.

NPR investigates Columbus Anti-Terrorism Training.

NPR’s Dina Temple-Raston had an excellent report on 89.7 FM this morning questioning the methods of an anti-terrorism trainer who accused an unsuspecting state of Ohio employee of having ties to terrorism.  Among those to question the accusations : Deputy hief Jeffrey Blackwell of the Columbus Division of Police who heads its homeland security effort.

Happy Birthday Senator

Former US Senator and NASA hero John Glenn turns 90 today.    The PD’s Connie Schultz has a nice column and collection of old video.



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