Monday Round-Up – Lightbulb Confusion Reigns

Good Monday morning.


Compact Florescent Bulbs – What To Do with Them.

It’s not our mission to confuse listeners, but this morning we may have done just that.  WOSU reporter Marilyn Smith tried to get to the bottom of the conflicting advice on the handling and disposal of those new spiral energy saving light bulbs which contain a small amount of mercury.  Her story found that no one seems to agree about what to do with them when they break or burnout.  One person said just open the windows and clean up the glass, another said call out the hazardous materials crews.


Charter Schools at Center of Budget Negotiations

The Ohio house budget gave big benefits to for-profit charter school operators, but the Ohio Senate rejected all those changes.  The Plain Dealer today reports the issue could be the among the toughest faced by budget negotiators trying to work out a compromise spending plan by the end of the month.

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