Might Unions and GOP Settle SB-5 Before Vote?

Workers Protest SB 5

Photo: file

Workers Protest SB-5 in Jan.

About a year ago Ohio farmers and The Humane Society were preparing for a fierce and harsh ballot fight.  The Humane Society was collecting signatures to put an issue on the ballot that, if approved, would have placed severe restrictions on Ohio livestock farmers. Farmers complained it would cost them millions of dollars and raise food prices.  But rather than run costly campaigns and risk losing, the two sides reached an agreement that kept the issue of the ballot.

Might the same thing be possible with public employee collective bargaining limits approved by lawmakers and destined for a repeal vote in November?

The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer‘s Brett Larkin suggests Ohio’s big city mayors want some of the cost-control changes in Senate Bill 5, but they won’t or politically can’t support all of the limits on union power.  Republicans and supporters of SB-5  face polls showing the repeal winning by a large margin. Democrats and unions, while confident, are still seeing public workers retire in droves, fearing that SB-5 will be upheld.   So might the two sides say, “Let’s Make a Deal???”.

It’s not beyond the realm of possibility.

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