Keeping Score and Fact Checking Issue 2 Ads

This week, WOSU Public Media’s “Columbus on the Record” panelists discuss the latest Issue 2 ads (pro and anti SB5), and just how truthful they are.

Other topics: employment throughout state government fell by 2,958 workers, to 56,875 — a 5 percent drop — in one year’s time; is there any way Democrats can change the new Congressional districts?; and tax breaks, loopholes, and credits get a closer examination.


  • Jo Ingles (Ohio Public Radio)
  • Joe Hallett (The Columbus Dispatch)
  • Greg Haas (Democratic Strategist)
  • Gene Krebs (Greater Ohio Policy Center)

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Segments On This Episode (on YouTube)

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Fact Checking Issue 2 Ads in Ohio

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Can Democrats Change the New Ohio Districts?

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Tax Breaks, Loopholes, and Credits. How Many?

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Ohio's Shrinking Government

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