How Senate Bill Five Was Repealed – Simple Math

ffighter non on 2 sign

Photo: AFL-CIO

A firefighter and his wife look for support outside a Cleveland Browns game.

Here’s a simple (math) explanation as to how Issue 2 lost Tuesday.

There are 360,000 union public workers in Ohio.

They have 360,000 spouses or ‘significant others’ (avg. one each).

They have 100,000 voting age kids (avg. .25 each) .

They have 360,000 parents (avg. one each).

They have  720,ooo friends (avg. two each).

They have 360,000 neighbors (avg. one who likes them each).

If they all voted NO, that’s 2.2 million votes.

The No-On-Two side received 2.1 million votes.

OK.. not all of them voted, that’s where a half million or so Democrats who don’t like John Kasich come in.

Ted Strickland is probably saying, ‘Where the heck were those votes last year.’


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