Goal of COTR Panel : Diversity

Surprisingly most of our complaints come from liberals.

Fairly or unfairly, PBS has a perceived liberal bias, so when we started the show I figured to hear from conservatives unhappy with our topics and comments. But we seldom hear from conservatives.  Most the criticism comes from liberals who basically complain that we are not liberal enough.

Watchers of COTR know that we have four panelists – two media types (reporters, columnists) and two political types (consultants, activists) – one who leans left and one who leans right. Some lean more than others.

We also work to make sure each show’s panel is diverse, which is difficult because most of the statehouse reporting and consulting crowd has two things in common: whiteness and maleness.

I also hear criticism that so-and-so panelist is “not really a conservative” or “not really a liberal”. That’s because a person dares to disagree with her or his party on a certain issue or agree with the panelist on the opposite side of the table.

Those damn moderates are always mucking up the works.

And there’s the criticism that some panelists are too partisan or “just sticking to the party line”.  True, and we welcome those panelists as well.  But we try to put the more partisans opposite each other.

The bottom line goal is to feature panelists who know their stuff and reflect our community.  The men and women of Central Ohio come from different backgrounds and some hold or express their beliefs more strongly than others. With only so much room at the table, we do our best to mirror that diversity.

- Mike Thompson

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  • julie

    Watched regularly Sun am. If I wanted to hear the same stereotypical sound bites, the dems are right and for health care, educated and have all the facts & the non dems are wrong, against health care, uneducated and dont have all the facts…I would watch the network Sun am shows.

    Do we have to hear the same untruths and stereotypes at the local level? My husband and I used to like your show but lately your “balance” has been way off. To say you had no balance with your guests this am is very clear. You are PBS. I dont expect anyone to agree with me. If you balance went the other way, oh, that just wouldnt happen.

    If I hear one more “expert” say that people who are against health care “dont have all the facts” I will scream! Both my husband and myself are college/JD educated, no health care and both unemployed for at least 6mos 50yrs old and are real clear on the contents and the consequences of this bill. It is in our best interest to be for the bill.

    What is in the best interest of our country and ourselves are at times different!

    If you think that the dissent is uneducated or unclear re the bill you are sorely mistaken!

  • http://www.parms.com Sherlyn Burkhart

    I resently attended a seminar about diversity. The trainer was James A. White Sr with Performance Consulting Services, his email address is jwhite2@columbus.rr.com. This guy was fabulous, he was so great with all the different types of people in my training class. He stayed true to educating each of us, in learning that we are all different but it’s OK. We all seem to want the same things in life. No question appeared to disturb him. Most diversity classes that I have attended in the past seem to make people uncomfortable. We all felt like we could ask him anything and he answered in a manner that was not offensive to any culture. I would hope that your radio station could get him on for a talk show and allow people to call in with questions.