Food for Thought – Agribusiness Debate @ WOSU

Tonight (Wednesday, 4/21) WOSU TV airs the controversial film Food, Inc., which takes a critical look at how we get our meat, grains, fruit and vegetables.  The picture painted by the Oscar-nominated film is not pretty and is not universally accepted as fact.  Farm organizations sharply disagree with the premise of the program.

WOSU helps bridge the divide by presenting alternate points of view and engaging you in conversation.

This morning WOSU Radio’s Tom Borgerding looked at how small local farmers fear new federal safety rules could hurt their business.   Listen to Tom’s report.

All Sides with Ann Fisher featured two guests with opposing views on agribusiness and welcomed calls and e-mails.  Listen to the show.

And tonight as you watch the documentary on WOSU TV, please continue the conversation on WOSU’s facebook, and  twitter pages.

- Mike Thompson

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