Lee Fisher: Ohio’s Economy Is Not Democrats Fault

An afternoon interview with Lee Fisher produced the following bullets:

  • Fisher says he might not have run for the office if his friend George Voinovich was seeking reelection.
  • Fisher says he is running for US Senate because he believes he could better help Ohio’s economy as a member of the Senate.
  • Fisher, the state’s Development Director, blames the loss of one million jobs since he took office on the global economic collapse. He says the job losses would have been much higher if he and Governor Ted Strickland were not in office.
  • Fisher refused to criticize Jennifer Brunner’s performance as Ohio Secretary of State. He says he prefers to tout his long experience as reasons why Democrats should pick him.
  • Fisher says he talked to Jennifer Brunner about his wish to avoid a Democratic Primary but Fisher says he never asked her not to run against him.

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