Friday COTR Topics – Crash Fee, Split Spending, Teflon Wearing Thin

We’re developing our list of topics for this Wednesday’s Friday’s (3/20) Columbus on the Record. One topic will be a proposal (or trial balloon) to charge insurance companies for police and fire responses to traffic accidents. Under the plan first reported in The Columbus Dispatch, the insurance company of the at-fault driver would get a bill. Our panel will discuss whether the “crash fee” is a fair charge or something that our tax dollars already cover.

We’ll also look at the latest Quinnipiac University Poll that shows declining Ohio support for President Obama, Governor Strickland. The poll also shows support for passenger rail linking Cincy, Columbus, and Cleveland. And the survey shows Ohio Democrats are still unsure about he candidates for US Senate – Lee Fisher and Jennifer Brunner.

And then there is spending nearly $2 Billion on two Central Ohio transportation projects – $1.7 Billion for the reconstruction of the I-70/71 Split and $200 Million for a second runway and expansion of Port Columbus. Recent WOSU News stories on the split reconstruction and airport expansion showed both projects are moving forward even though fewer drivers and passengers are using them.

I wonder what environmental activist Harvey Wasserman will have to say about that????

Update: the video file for this episode is here:

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  • Andrew

    I think something that hasn’t gotten much air time in regards to the construction projects is the issue of falling construction prices. I believe OSU has had several construction bids come in as much as 60% less than what they expected. That doesn’t mean I’m a fan of the split reconstruction or some of the other projects but I think it is important to consider.

    So is COTR just now recording on Wednesdays or has it always?

  • Scott Gowans

    COTR tapes Friday afternoons, and airs on Friday night. We post video of the show usually on Mondays of the following week.

    - Scott