COTR 2.0 – We Need Your Input

I hate the term 2.0 but figured it reflects my hipness. (Is 2.0 still hip?) We are in the process of revamping Columbus on the Record and I’d like to get opinions on what we can do to improve the show and as a result improve your understanding of the issues that affect Central Ohio.

We are updating the look of the show. With the help of the fine folks at Ozone Studios we are creating new graphics. As much as I have become fond of our Ford F-150 bedliner motif backgrounds and stealth bomber shaped table, we’ll also improve the set.  And we’re updating the theme music.

While the look of the show is important, it’s just the frosting.  What lies beneath, the content, the thoughtful discussion, is the real reason for watching.

The basic format of the show has not changed since we began in 2006.  We have two journalists / columnists and two political activist types – one conservative and one liberal.   I have a pool of about 30 professionals from diverse backgrounds who volunteer their time to prepare and appear.   The five of us discuss  four or five stories in the news that week.  We focus on Central Ohio issues, touching on national topics only when they have true Central Ohio impact.  While we sometimes have heated arguments, for the most part our debates are civil.

We try to have fun.  Public TV public affairs shows have the reputation of being a bit stiff.  We try to lighten the mood and poke fun at ourselves and others with sometimes irreverent writing and analysis.  Our closing “Off the Record” comments often are the best venue for this.

That’s where we are, but we’d like to mix things up a bit.  So give us your feedback.  Should we cover more topics or fewer topics, even one topic each week?  What topics haven’t we adequately covered?  What topics have we bled dry? Should we interview newsmakers regularly?

We welcome your thoughts – on or off the record.

Mike Thompson


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  • Jody Dzuranin

    I’ve watched weekly for over a year and I love the show! I tivo it and usually watch Friday night or Sat.

    Topics: My favorite topics are whatever has buzz during the week. I know some probably got sick of the Casino talk, but I appreciated your regular updates. The city has never been through something like that with such a local and state implication. I thought the coverage during the issue 1 city income tax hike was good too. In the future, the topic I am interested to learn about is ‘Who is really funding’, a mystery so far. Also, Rail has had good coverage on the State of Ohio, I am amazed, today Kasich said he’d spend the $400 million federal rail grant on other priority ODOT projects. Someone should call him out on such a misleading statement, he knows that money is for rail only and goes to another state if Ohio says No. He’s trying to confuse the public in my opinion.

    Format: 3-4 topics is good, I think a single topic could get boring. “Off the Record” comments are a great way to wrap the show on a lighter note. I think I have seen on FB where you allow viewers to suggest topics, that’s a good idea.

    The political pundits spouting talking points gets kind of repetitive, but for the most part I think the panelists are intelligent and engaging. I wouldn’t mind seeing some new blood sometimes, like Andrew Miller, Walker Evans or Liz Lessner.

    It always irks me at the end when you say “I shall not tweet”. It’s like someone in a border state refusing to learn to say ‘Gracias’. If you don’t want to use twitter, then don’t but declaring it is unnecessary. (Me thinks thou dost protest too much)

    Love the show and I look forward to 2.0! LOL

  • Joe Peffer

    The show has a lot going for it in regard to consistently airing quality shows on topical topics Columbusites care about.
    It would be nice to see some new faces from the Columbus 2.0 world as Jody suggests–maybe more normal types who are out there fronting issues and raising awareness about Something they believe in.
    While the generally same news media people and political types do sometimes get old (I love when I find myself saying, “Who IS this person?”) they also are the most tuned-in and have a lot to say.
    In general, keep up the great work. I love that you asking for feedback; it says a lot about what kind of show you want it to be.

  • Paul Carringer

    I enjoy the show. And, the more local the topics get the more I pay attention. It seems to me that national and statewide stories have a place, but when there is little or no connection to Columbus, I lose interest.

  • Keith Morris

    I also enjoy topics with a Columbus focus most. I watched the show more often when something like streetcars and Downtown development are featured. Highlighting the continued investment in disinvestment of our up-and-coming and struggling urban neighborhoods (King-Lincoln, Linden, etc) in light of the untold millions more spent by the city government in newer areas that have already been seeing investment is definitely newsworthy.

  • Jody Dzuranin

    @Kevin – I am not sure if this is what you are referring to, but I live in one of those newer areas, the Columbus-Hayden Run Corridor. The city may be spending money out here, but much of it is funded by the developers and property owners under the pay-as-you-grow policy. I pay $20 per month into the community development fund for city improvements out here. We should get the improvements if we pay for them directly, don’t you think?

    Pay as you Grow:
    Government officials put together plans for the first “pay as you grow” agreement, requiring homebuilders to pay $8 million and home buyers to kick in more toward the cost of extending city services. Between 2001 and 2004, Columbus annexed more than 1,400 acres for Dominion, M/I Homes and Lifestyle Communities to develop.

    Enough people have moved into houses and condos there that tax-increment financing districts are producing their first yields this year. Columbus has collected $6 million in diverted property taxes to spend on roadwork this year, Davies said.

    Hayden Run still hot, despite poor economy | The Columbus Dispatch

    Builders get busy along Hayden Run

  • Jody Dzuranin

    Sorry – I meant for my comment to be directed to @Keith Morris, not @Kevin.

  • MikeThompson

    Terrific feedback… Thanks for all the comments.