Controversial Bill to Require Photo ID to Vote

This week Columbus on The Record panelists discuss a controversial bill that would require voters to produce a photo ID to vote.

Other topics include polls showing that many Ohioans disapprove of Gov. Kasich as well as his planned collective bargaining overhaul and another poll finds Senator Sherrod Brown with surprising support for 2012.

We’ll also discuss the role of colleges and universities when it comes to business development and whether school choice has improved education in Ohio.

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  • Bill Cohen (Ohio Public Radio)
  • William Hershey (Dayton Daily News)
  • Leah Sellers (Ohio Northern College of Law)
  • Catherine Turcer (Ohio Citizen Action)

Segments On This Episode (on YouTube)

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Controversial bill to require photo ID to vote

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Poll Shows Ohioans Down on Collective Bargaining Overhaul

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Poll Shows Sherrod Brown Has Surprising Support for 2012

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School Choice Makes News

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OSU Hires New VP to Connect Research to Jobs

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