“Blue Jackets Bailout” – A Different Take

On the December 11th episode of Columbus On The Record, we talked about the possibility of a “Blue Jackets Bailout.”  The city and county are trying to work out a deal, presumably with at least some public money, to help Columbus’s National Hockey League franchise remain financially viable and remain in Columbus.

This viewer took issue with our discussion and recommends further reading:

I can not tell you how angry I am with you guys again for completely missing almost all of a the salient points concerning the financial issues associated with the Blue Jackets and the arena district. Please do me and mort importantly your intelligent listeners a favor. Before you discuss this topic again–and you will–make sure that all of your panel members receive and read the newspaper article that is obtainable by pursuing the link provided below. How ironic it is that [it] takes a Canadian newspaper to see the real value of the team and the district to our community. I will not go into detail because article speaks for itself but I must point out the most important points captured by this paragraph below:

“Without it, Columbus would get no new NHL franchise, no big-league label. Without it, downtown would remain dead, and various companies would continue to lose good young people to bigger, more glamorous cities. Columbus would forever be Ohio’s third city, behind Cleveland and Cincinnati, and such a non-entity on the American stage that outsiders invariably referred to it as “Columbus, Ohio,” never just Columbus.”

The complete article (must reading for you guys) is a cut and paste away: http://communities.canada.com/edmontonjournal/blogs/hockey/archive/2009/12/01/could-the-columbus-arena-district-be-a-model-for-edmonton-s-downtown.aspx

Ordinarily I would say that I enjoy your show but since last night ….well let’s say I’m most disappointed.

John J Kennedy

Professor Emeritus

Ohio State

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