Beggars Night – Socialism Run Amock

Ok, that might be a little strong.  I really don’t want to start a debate over socialism, but Beggars Night is an unnecessary  government intervention on a good, wholesome pagan ritual.  

Not being a central Ohio native, I asked the question my first October in Columbus, “What is beggars night?”

I’ve yet to get a straight answer.  

The most common reason city officials give for moving it away from Halloween is they don’t want it to conflict with weekend activities.  To me, roaming the neighborhood in costume asking for candy is the perfect weekend activity.  Which is more advisable: trying to get your third grader on a sugar high to bed so she can get up early for school or letting them sleep in the next morning?

Trick or treating should be done on Halloween. October 31st. Period.


Now back to something really scary – casino politics.

- Mike Thompson


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  • Scott Gowans

    I think every single school teacher in America – who have to deal with children suffering from hangover sugar crashes – would welcome this wholeheartedly. My mom said that the day after was always one of worst teaching days of the year.

    Scott Gowans