An Analysis of Ohio Jobs, Taxes, and Business

A Columbus on the Record Special: How Big a Role Does Government Play in Creating Jobs?


  1. Where does Ohio rank in terms of taxes?
  2. Are tax incentives for businesses necessary, or just giveaways?
  3. How much do tax breaks matter when a business is considering a location?
  4. Where does Ohio rank in terms of business regulations?
  5. Where does Ohio rank in terms of ‘Business-Friendliness?’


  • Doug Buchannan (Columbus Business First)
  • Mark Niquette (Bloomberg News)
  • Lisa Patt-McDaniel (former development director, Ohio Department of Development)
  • William Raabe (Ohio State University)

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Segments On This Episode (on YouTube)

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Where Ohio Ranks in Terms of Taxes

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Are Tax Incentives for Businesses Necessary?

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Business Tax Breaks and Location, Location, Location

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Ohio's Business Regulations

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Is Ohio 'Business-Friendly?'

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