All Aboard!? – Bob Harris Could Get Answers On Passenger Rail

Word is Senate President Bill Harris is meeting with Ohio Department of Transportation Director Jolene Molitoris presumably about the Republican leader’s questions on restoring passenger rail service in Ohio.

As you know, the feds have offered $400 million to Ohio to re-start passenger rail service linking Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland.  Supporters argue it will create jobs, attract young professionals and eventually lead to high speed rail.   Opponents argue the estimated $17 million yearly state subsidy is too much, the trains will travel too slowly and the  proposed schedule is inconvenient.

Harris posed some very good questions.  We’ll soon learn if ODOT has some good answers – good enough to win over a skeptical panel of state lawmakers that will have to OK the plan.

- Mike Thompson

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  • tthomas

    I am a fan. But let’s try it out first. We can purchase highway – train units (relatively inexpensively – probably cheaper than a “study”) and run them up and down the freeway slowly, like trains (average speed 39 mph?), to the proposed termini. Run them on the proposed schedules. Charge the proposed fees. And see if the ridership develops that justifies major investment.