A "State Budget – Free" COTR? We’ll try.

For at least the past two months every episode of Columbus On The Record has featured a discussion about Ohio’s state budget crisis. Enough already. The budget has been resolved – for now. The cuts are in place. The fees raised. Public education reformed (according to Democrats). Slot machines, er.. video lottery terminals… are waiting to be shipped to the horse tracks.

It’s been an important story and one I think our panelists have covered well. But I’m getting a little tired of talking about it, and I’ll bet you’re getting a little tired of listening to us talk about it. So this week we’re looking for new topics.

Slot machines are still in the news – opponents vow to file suit and ask for a 2010 vote. And there is still one more budget crisis left – the one belonging to the city of Columbus. We’ll certainly talk about the city’s looming, yes looming, income tax vote.

Any other suggestions?

- Mike Thompson

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  • Sharon Montgomery

    I’d love to hear a different discussion on the budget bill: on how long it is (making it hard for legislators to be well informed about all contents and nearly impossible for citizens to be well informed), how it sets policy as well as appropriating money, how it may well be violating the single-subject rule by including provisions that don’t even involve money, etc.