Latest Episode – July 18, 2014
Charter Schools May Face Closer Scrutiny

WOSU News Director Mike Thompson and his panel look at the questionable oversight of Ohio charter schools, a controversial teacher contract proposal in Reynoldsburg.

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Cleveland Lands GOP Convention, Columbus Still Wants Dems

WOSU’s Mike Thompson and his panel look at Columbus’s Democratic convention hopes after Republicans choose Cleveland for their convention; Republicans look for a new speaker of the Ohio House.

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SPECIAL – Central Ohio’s Transportation Future

WOSU’s news director Mike Thompson and his panel discuss Central Ohio’s transportation needs now and in the future.

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NE Ohio Trial Casts Shadow over Ohio GOP

The campaign finance corruption trial of a North Canton donor involves some big names in Ohio politics; the latest in the race for governor; the effectiveness of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.

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Ohio Budget Bill Revisions

Ann Fisher and her panel provide an analysis Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s two-year budget bill and the effects of a delay on renewable energy standards in Ohio.

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JobsOhio Adverts Judicial Scrutiny Again

Guest Host Ann Fisher and her panel provide an analysis of topics including the Ohio Supreme Court’s rejection to a challenge to JobsOhio, restoration of early voting leading up to election day.

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EPA Rules May Mean Big Changes for Ohio

WOSU’s news director Mike Thompson and his panel discuss the week’s top stories including the impact of new federal air quality rules on Ohio, the latest on the race for governor.

Columbus on the Record Blog

Governor John Kasich’s Jobs Record

WOSU’s news director Mike Thompson and his panel provide an in-depth analysis of several topics including John Kasich’s jobs record, Ted Strickland’s endorsement of Ed FitzGerald for governor.

List of Services To Be Taxes Under Governor John Kasich’s Plan

Governor Kasich is out with a long list of services that would be subject to a new 5 percent sales tax. Here’s the list.

Five Things That Would Indicate A John Kasich White House Bid

Of course Governor Kasich must win re-election first, but here are five things that would indicate he’s laying the groundwork for a White House run.

Why WOSU Won’t Use The Term “Fiscal Cliff”

Like the word, “Woo”, WOSU reporters are banned from using the term “Fiscal Cliff”.

OK, The Election’s Over, Now What?

Campaign 2012 is giving way to Policy 2013. As this year’s political dust starts to settle, new dust will soon stir in Washington, at the Statehouse and at Columbus City Hall.

How The Heck Did Mitt Romney Lose Ohio??

If you woke to President Obama’s raw numbers the morning after the 2012 Ohio election, you’d probably be convinced that Mitt Romney won Ohio and quite possibly the presidency. You’d be wrong.

Confused By All The Polls? Try Averaging

If you are banging your head against the wall trying to keep up with the ups and downs of the latest polls, we suggest poll-results-averaging.

Five Takeaways from Poll Showing Romney Gaining In Ohio

Quinnipiac is out with its latest poll of likely Ohio voters. It shows that Republican Mitt Romney has cut President Obama’s lead in half over the last month. Here are five things the poll tells us:

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