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Champion of Children

Former WOSU Open Line host Fred Andrle participates in a one-on-one conversation with Geoffrey Canada, creator of the Harlem Children’s Zone hailed by the New York Times as “one of the most ambitious social service experiments of our time.” Champion of Children will also present its 2013 awards to the educator and nonprofit organization of the year.

2013 Champion of Children Airdates
Watch this year’s celebration at on WOSU Plus.

  • March 22 at 9 pm
  • March 29 at 9 pm

Advancing Blended Learning in Ohio

Steve Brown, 89.7 NPR News morning anchor, moderates a panel discussion with school leaders on practical applications of blended learning.

Advancing Blended Learning in Ohio Airdates
Watch this year’s celebration at on WOSU Plus.

  • April 5 at 9 pm
  • April 12 at 9 pm
  • April 19 at 9 pm
  • April 26 at 9 pm

Recent Episodes

American Graduate: Part 1

7, 2011

High school graduation rates have a direct link to the economy. By the latest calculation, dropouts from the class of 2008 will cost Ohio almost 9.8 billion in lost wages over their lifetimes. A panel of community stakeholders analyzes the implications of dropping out and highlights local initiatives to help students finish school.

The Last Space Shuttle

4, 2011

Former astronaut Ron Sega talks about his three space voyages as the U.S. Space Shuttle missions come to a close.

Seeds for Growth 2011, Pt. 2: Rules of Fundraising for Non-Profits

7, 2011

A lesson on the basic rules of fundraising that allows achievement of success.

Seeds for Growth: Helping Non-Profits Achieve Their Missions

7, 2011

Deirdre Jones, Associate Director, Edward H. Schmidt School of Professional Sales at the University of Toledo, discusses how to obtain sustainable support (financial and non-financial) from like-minded organizations and individuals enabling non-profits to execute their missions.

Champion of Children 2011

14, 2011

Fred Andrle moderates a panel discussion with community leaders on the non-academic barriers that interfere with access to learning and the challenges this presents to the health and success of our children and our community.

Penick vs. The Columbus Board of Education

7, 2011

Jerry Revish moderates a discussion about the case that led to the desegregation of Columbus schools.

Controversies in Science: Is Religion in our Genes?

13, 2010

NPR host Neal Conan interviews Andrew Newberg, MD, Director of Clinical Nuclear Medicine, Director of NeuroPET Research, University of Pennsylvania, and author of “Why God Won’t Go Away: Brain Science and the Biology of Belief.”

Prescription Drug Abuse, Part 1

5, 2010

What is prescription drug abuse? How big of a problem is it?

Prescription Drug Abuse, Part 2

3, 2010

A panel discussion on prescription drug abuse in the second of two programs developed by Cardinal Health and The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy.

Seeds for Growth 2010, Part 2

10, 2010

Advice and best practices for non-profits is presented in this annual meeting presented by The Huntington Foundation.