You, Too, Can Play the Piano – at Your Desk!

Classical pianist James Rhodes.(Photo: jamesrhodepianist)
Classical pianist James Rhodes.(Photo: jamesrhodepianist)

The end of the year is often a quiet time, once you get past Christmas and Hanukkah.  Folks who are off between Christmas and New Years Day and spending their time cleaning their desks, cleaning out files, sorting through the piles on your kitchen counter, etc., why not take a break at the piano?

Can’t play a lick, you say?  Don’t own a piano?

Doesn’t matter. James Rhodes, the closest thing music has had to Glenn Gould since, well, Glenn Gould, will let you use his.

For those in need of a little break who can play, why not spend a few minutes at his virtual keyboard and play your favorite sonata or show tune - one note at a time?


Now before visions of Steinways begin dancing in your head, your fingers will touch his piano only in a virtual sense.  All you need is your computer. Amazingly, you can play chords using your keyboard, so the only limitations are your dexterity, and your imagination.