You Can Hum Along to These TV Commercials

Rise Stevens selling cigarettes in the 1950s(Photo: WQXR)
Rise Stevens selling cigarettes in the 1950s(Photo: WQXR)

The 1970s and 80s, and to some extent today, were good times for the partnership between Madison Avenue and the arts. A lot of big names in music hawked products on the air. Usually banks or credit cards, but there’s also coffee and God Bless us, booze.

A few artists make it a contractual point that their commercial appearances will not be shown in the United States. However, they were fair game everywhere else.

Let’s watch. First, a follow-up to a famous commercial of the 60s, featuring “The Maxwell House Wife.” You couldn’t do that today. In 1991 the lady switched brands and was glammed up.

There was a much funnier version of this commercial I can’t find. Why it was redone and sobered up I’ll never know. The card doesn’t seem to be so much fun.

Here’s Pavarotti again complete with outtakes. God rest his soul.

Check out these tats!

And here we are in Japan. This lady has rock star status in the Orient. The song is about a young girl hiding in the poplars to meet her lover, De los alamos vengo, madre. (Don’t tell Mama)

No underwear or deodorant commercials yet. Stay tuned.