Women Outnumber Men in Korea’s Burgeoning Classical Music Market

Are You Listening Vienna and Berlin?

The Vienna Philharmonic has but seven women,  representing 5% of its 136 members.  In the Berlin Philharmonic, 18 of its 128 members, or 14%, are women.

The New York Philharmonic has a comparatively balanced ratio, with woman representing 45 of its 99 members.

In Japan, the NHK Symphony Orchestra has 17 women, or 16% of its 106 members.

They all pale in comparison with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, which boasts a whopping 65 women among it’s 105 members, or 62%.

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Practicing Piano in 3-D

If getting your youngsters to put down the Wii controls or step away from the iPhone to practice is nearly impossible, I may have an answer.  Though this is designed more to assist professional musicians with technique, why not use any advantage you can get?

Hawk-eye 3-D Technology uses electrodes attached to the hands to aid pianists to work out fingering problems, which can lead to a crash and burn at a crucial moment in a performance, not to mention physical ailments.

You never know…maybe watching their hands with 3-D technology might just be the trick to get your budding Lang Lang to practice!

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Watch a demonstration of the HAWK system

More “Borrowing” Questions Plaguing Osvaldo Golijov

Claims last week that Grammy winning composer Osvaldo Golijov used the work of a lesser-known composer without full credit have prompted questions about another of Golijov’s compositions.

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