Wolftrap@40: Festival Re-invents Itself for 21st Century Audience

The Ahn Trio plays Wolftrap this fall(Photo: Wolftrap.com)
The Ahn Trio plays Wolftrap this fall(Photo: Wolftrap.com)

As tastes change, giving the audience what it wants is the key to survival

It’s the age old argument.  Mom and dad tell little Johnny to eat his broccoli.  Johnny refuses.  Mom says please.  Johnny says no.  Dad says no dessert.  Johnny doesn’t care.

This applies in the arts, as well.  The more we try to attract new audiences by saying “try some Tchaikovsky…you’ll like it,” the more they’ll say, “No thanks.”

In a conversation with violinist Charles Weatherbee who, along with the other members of the Carpe Diem String Quartet (CDSQ) are constantly looking for new ears and new sounds to play for them, he put it quite simply.

“If I am going to ask listeners to step into my world, it’s important that I also be willing to step into theirs.”

So you’ll hear maybe some Johann Strauss, Samuel Barber, and Antonin Dvorak, but you’ll also hear tango, gypsy music, jazz, and…is that the Simpsons theme?

At forty, the mission for Wolftrap (wolftrap.org), America’s “national park for the performing arts,” remains the same…to ensure that the arts remain accessible and affordable to the broadest possible audience.  Only the method is changing.

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Watch Cypress String Quartet play Erwin Schulhoff’s Alla Tango milonga at Wolftrap

At Columbus Commons, there IS such thing as a free lunch!

There are big things happening on Wednesdays at Columbus Commons, but today is extra special.  Be one of the first 100 customers to come to the Columbus Commons Market Tent and receive $10.00 in free market vouchers to use at participating vendors.  then stay for the entertainment with Bob Piascik.  (reverbnation.com)  Get there early and lunch is on the Columbus Commons! (ColumbusCommons.com)

Watch Bob Piascik entertain youngsters at Homestead Park

 Top execs at Spain’s music copyright agency arrested for theft

SGAE, the Spanish equivalent of ASCAP in the US, “was plunged into chaos when police raided the headquarters and arrested nine of its leaders on embezzlement charges.”

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