Who Was Gustav Mahler?

Gustav Mahler(Photo: Adolph Kohut)
Gustav Mahler(Photo: Adolph Kohut)

Want to Know About Mahler’s Life?  Just Listen.

Gustav Mahler  once said, “If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music.”  If you really want to learn what Mahler was all about, you must listen.

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Watch the opening of Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony


Young Conductor Breathing Life Into Brooklyn Philharmonic

The Brooklyn Philharmonic was founded over 150 years ago.  Like many arts organizations, it has fallen on hard times.   It was for many years a groundbreaking ensemble internationally known for its provocative programming.  In recent years performances have dwindled to a trickle of community-oriented chamber music events.  That may actually have worked in it’s favor.

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Picking at the Carcass of EMI Music

Tomorrow is the day five or six bids are expected for the rights to EMI Music, which has much of classical music’s history in it’s vault, along with the music of The Beatles.  EMI’s four former rivals are in the running, along with billionaire investor Ronald Perelman and, possibly, Rupert Murdoch.  The 80-year-old company will, most likely, be dismantled and picked clean.

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