What Could Classical Music Learn From Baseball?

Chicago Cubs 2nd Baseman John Evers(Photo: courtesy Library of Congress)
Chicago Cubs 2nd Baseman John Evers(Photo: courtesy Library of Congress)

Composer and Baseball Lover David Lang Says Classical Music Fans and Baseball Fans Not That Different

Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang recently wrote a NY Times op-ed where he said classical music fans could learn a thing or two from baseball fans.

Pianist Jeremy Denk wrote an “animated” response on his blog where he says classical musicians resemble not so much baseball players or civil war re-enactors, as modern-day Dr. Frankenstein’s (read the post…). (Lang has since responded).

…and lest you think baseball and classical music don’t mix…National Symphony Orchestra violinist Glenn Donnellan plays the national anthem on his “Electric Slugger,” a violin made from a regulation Louisville Slugger baseball bat.

Financial Support for the Arts on the Upswing

While not yet back to its earlier peak in 2006, 2010 did see a rebound in giving to the arts over recent years. According to the Giving USA Foundation, donations to arts organizations increased by nearly 6% in 2010 after two years of declines.

Giving Up Quality For Convenience?

In a world overrun by stuff, we all look for ways to de-clutter our lives.  There are stores catering to our need to stash things, magazines to help us organize, cable programs which use tough love to make people throw things out, and storage units to hold the detritus we just aren’t ready give up.

The same goes for our music…but some wonder what we might give up when we choose to store our music in the cloud.

What do you think? Will you use cloud storage for your music? or do you prefer to keep those old records and CDs around?